Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunshine and Butterflies

Today I have a ache in my heart. This week has been a long week because I have had to emotionally prepare myself for this day. Today came and I handled it well but today I had to say goodbye to a wonderful lady named Irene. For almost 3 years, since Mattie was 4 months old, Irene has been coming to our house weekly to visit Mattie. Irene is a Developmental Specialist and because of Mattie's cognitive delay Irene was provided to Dan and I to help us with Mattie through the state system. It is hard to explain but Irene is sorta like a crutch that you need to help you through the system and to help you raise a child with a disability. Irene taught Dan and I skills and gave us information and ideas when it came to Mattie's development. She would come and play with Mattie and always had a new toy or idea for her. She was always ready to answer our questions and listen to our concerns. When Mattie was in the hospital for 3 weeks she checked on us every day to see how she was doing. Irene played, spoke and loved Mattie like she was her own. She also always acknowledged Michael and David. Irene has become a huge part of our family. She has become a bright star in our lives, a good friend and has been through a lot with us. She has seen Mattie's "first times", illnesses, family deaths, pregnancies and births. I have loved getting to know her and hearing about her family. She is excellent photographer, loves nature, the outdoors and travel. She also likes to garden and cook. Everyday she drives from Superior to come and visit her families. Under state guidelines when a child turns 3 or enters the preventive pre-school program you lose your Developmental Specialist. Mattie will start pre-school on Monday. It is time for a new chapter in our lives, Mattie is growing up, starting school and technically is becoming a big girl. I realize that us losing Irene is sad and she will be dearly missed but it is also good because it means that another family will gain her and learn from her and be blessed with her knowledge and love. Today she told me that she already has a new family, a 4 month old boy with Down Syndrome. With our last progress note that she left she wrote a message to Mattie and our family. The last line said "May your days be filled with sunshine and butterflies for Mattie to enjoy".

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  1. Awww...that is sad :) Congrats to Mattie though for graduating on and going to BIG GIRL school. That is exciting for her!