Thursday, June 17, 2010

Michael's last day of pre-school

I love this picture of Mattie, she wanted so bad to sit next to Michael.

I love this picture of Michael and David

Michael had his pre-school graduation on May 28th. His teacher this year was Mrs. Marni and he loved going to pre-school. He learned so much and made so many new friends. Mrs. Marni told me that a few of the girls had a crush on Michael and they would say "oh there is Michael he is so beautiful", and they would fight over who would sit next to him. One of the mom's in the class told me that her daughter would always talk about Michael and would say "oh he is so cool because he wears his back-pack with the strap going across his chest". Which is funny because Michael never talked about any of the girls in the class. In fact he nevered talked about pre-school. I would ask him how school was and he would say fine then I asked him what he learned and he would always tell me nothing. So the week of his graduation we talked about how it was his last day and he told me he wanted to wear his suit. I told him that no one else was going to dress up but he insited on wearing it. So that night as we got ready he went and put his suit on. I have to say he was so dang handsome. He looks so grown up in it and during the graduation ceremony he sat so serious. One of my favirote moments of the night is when Mrs. Marni had each of the kids say something that they liked and then would give a flower to their mom or dad. Michael stood up and said " I just want to say that I love you". After the graduation was over Dan and I wear looking at the pictures on the wall and beneath each picture were questions that the kids answered.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes Noodles, Dislikes breaking things and getting owies.
When I grow up I want to be: A Gilbert Police Officer
So that I can: Be just like my DAD.

I'm just so amazed at how much Michael has grown and how just how much he pays attention to things and is so detailed and creative. The other night I was looking at his baby pictures and yes I'm sad because he is not the little tiny baby anymore but he has grown so much. He is just a amazing kid, who is smart, creative and funny and I'm so excited for his future and to see all the things he will accomplish and get to do as he grows older.

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  1. So cute- I love that he insisted on wearing his suit! I imagine Cayden to be that same way!