Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Blog- well sorta

I've seen the blog before but until know I decided to share the information. It is called I heart mesa. Pretty cool site with information about what to do around Mesa and the surrounding cities, like Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale etc... This week there are guest post and even some cool giveaways. I should mention that I found the site one day looking for free stuff to do with my kids. I enjoy checking the site out and this week so many of my favorites places have been mentioned and well like I said it just brings back memories and a smile to my face. Maybe one frown. Interesting story won't share but if you ask me and give a little bribe, well I might just share. (Yes my husband knows the story and every time we drive by the place it automatically comes out of me about how much I hate that place).

Anyways, when you get a moment or two check it out

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  1. Glad you like our blog. It makes it worth the effort to know what people think of it. Anyway, the link you have is just fine. If you are interested in knowing how to do the button, maybe this will help. Go to your Blogger dashboard and click on the "customize" tab. On the side, click on "add a gadget" then click on the one that says "HTML/Java script." Under content is where you paste all the mumbo jumbo. But don't stress over it.