Tuesday, January 10, 2012

David turns 3

David had his third Birthday in November. It was a nice day and we hung around the house and did not make any big plans. No one was feeling good this day. Michael was getting over strep and David was coming down with croup. I still try to make it fun and put balloons over the house and had pizza, cake and ice cream and invited a few of the neighborhood boys over for cake. I took David to the store so we could get him a cake and he held onto the cake box and told me many times "my cake". He also has become really interested in trains and that is what he got for his birthday. He was so excited to play with them. Michael and his friends helped him build the train tracks. It was a great day and nice to just relax and play. My little D man has is growing up and actually is our funny one in the family. He is still shy around other people and also has is very inpatient and can throw wonderful "fits". Other times he is sweet as can be. All in all he is one darn cute kid and I'm thankful for him.

His expression when Dan lite the candles on the cake.

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