Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thankful Feast

Mattie's classroom held a Thankful Feast for the parents. It was very cute and the kids sang a few songs and then had a lunch for the parents. I have to say as a mom these are the moments that I look forward to. I love and I'm grateful that I can attend events at the school. I remember as a kid doing different things and having my parents be there. I love having that memory and I am glad that I can do the same. I love the smile on my childrens face when they see me and later at home they will tell me I saw you today at my school.

Mattie realized I was there.

This is Mattie and Madison. Madison's parents are friends of ours. The dads work together and knew each other before we had Mattie and they had Maddie. They are know in pre-school together. The funny thing is @ first they did not get along. Madison use to slap my Mattie. Things have know changed and both can be around each other but under a watchful eye.

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