Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh boy.......a tiny jar of makeup and this.....

First I have to explain that I keep my bedroom door closed and bathroom doors closed and have the childproof plastic knobs on. I also keep my makeup in a bag in the medicine cabinet. Today I was cleaning the master bedroom and bathroom and the hall bathroom and the doors were open. Mattie and David were in the room with me and playing with some toys. I went into the hall bathroom and soon I heard laughter. My curiosity wondered what was so funny. I walked into the room and saw this..... I could not believe it. They found a tiny jar of something and put it on themselves. As you can tell both think it is great and David is proud of his handy work. It was David who decorated both since Mattie had nothing on her hands or fingers. After some makeup remover, soap and scrubbing I finally got it off.

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