Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random pictures

First Picture is Mattie. I showed this picture to Dan and his response was "I wonder where she got it from".

Seriously I don't vacuum and talk and the phone at the same time.

Mattie and David helped paint the garden boxes. They did a pretty good job and even managed to get some paint on them.

It took a few looks to figure out what was going on in the picture. I thought he was posing for his new sunglasses and then a second look I realized it was the hair. He got his haircut and Michael is always asking for a Mohawk. Ummm......NO. So the stylist asked him how he wanted it combed and he said a Mohawk. I figured what the heck it was the weekend so she spiked it down the middle and asked if she could put some color gel in it. I said sure and this is the look. Michael ended up not liking it and asked to take it out later on. All the neighbor boys that he looked cool.

Which leads me to a question I see young kids with Mohawks and I ask Why?

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  1. I Fohawk my boys hair, similar, but not mohawk. I do not like the look of a spike down the middle. But i DO like the layers and style that my kiddos have.I couldnt I just couldnt bring myself to doing their hair with a part, its just not in me:) Cute pics btw! little stinkers!!1