Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Kentucky Wildcats

Michael is playing his first year of coach pitch baseball and he is number 6. He is on the same team with 2 of the neighbor boys (Nate and Cohen) and Cohen's Dad is the coach. I will have to admit at the beginning he had a rough time playing and it was a struggle to get him to go to practice and the games. After some pep talks, frustrating moments and a extra time spent on hitting, throwing and catching he likes to play and has become a good player. His team this year is the Kentucky Wildcats and it is the perfect team name for this family because the Hurd family is from Kentucky. Baseball currently fills up our time during the week. Practice is once a week and games are twice a week. It is getting fun to watch the games and the team has improved a lot from the first few games. Dan and I enjoy watching the games and cheering the team on but we also do a great deal of chasing Mattie and David around.

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