Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Fools Day

This is the first time Dan and I did a April Fools Joke on the kids. Mattie and David are to young to understand and will eat anything but Michael... we got him good and my mom. I made cupcakes frosted with mashed potato's that I dyed green. For dessert I made cupcakes that look like they had peas and carrots on top. I used green runts for the peas and carrots I cut up a orange starburst. I also made cupcakes that looked liked mashed potatoes. The gravy was carmel and the butter was a melted yellow starburst. Dan and I told Michael that for dinner he was having cupcakes. It took 3 bites before Michael realized what he was eating. He was a little hesitant on the dessert but after a few bites he figured out it was a real cupcake with candy on top. Mattie and David ate everything but once I put the real ones out they ate those instead.

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes cupcakes:

First Bite:

Second Bite:

Third Bite: "Hey these are not cupcakes, it's meatloaf"

Mattie and David:

They like it:

Dessert I'm not so sure about this:

Taking a bite with hesitation:

David likes it:

Mattie likes it:

My mom's reaction:

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