Sunday, April 17, 2011

I did it.... David's First Haircut

I did it... I did it... I did it.... It took me many months to do it but I finally convinced myself that David was ready for his first haircut. We did it in March so that would make him 28 months. My deciding point was when those sweet little curls would not stayed curled any longer. I was afraid to cut his hair because I did not want to lose the curls. At first he was a little hesitant and scared but as the girl kept cutting he relaxed and let her cut his hair. Dan had the honors of holding him. He know looks like a handsome little boy and he even has a little bit of a wave on top.

Before Pictures:

During the haircut:

I love his expression " What in the heck are you doing to me"

Using the clippers-I thought he would be scared but he liked it and even managed a little smile.

After: The sucker makes is all worth it.

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